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Birthday Parties

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A perfect Flower Power Birthday Party for your Little One

It is a party with a lot of blast for past groovy 60’s and it is a girl party theme more. Here are some ideas that can help for 70’s power flower party.


Make a personalized invitation card with scrapbook papers and use card stock and create a tie-dye theme on it. Then fill it with some good smiley faces, signs of peace or stick some hippie flowers which can be got from craft stores. Make an alternate invitation with a white standard T-shirt and tie-dye on it with some pretty colors. Then do a screen printing or write with iron letters for saying the information of party like, first line: Daughter’s name then second line: Flower Power Theme. With this invitation, the party will get a great response and according to the theme on the invitation, the guest will wear matching to the party theme.


Use long stemmed flowers headbands and jewelry and hang some flowers on the wall. If there are more girl friends, then make some kind of collage with flowers.

Hang some beads in the doorway and put necklaces for peace sign for the guest who enters. Keep a lava lamp next to the bean bag and burn some incense, but one thing do not burn more that overpower the party. On wall hang some beautiful flowers and put posters of favorite music icons and use black lights. Take some pictures of your friends and some colorful papers. Cut the paper in the shape of flower petals for making a large daisy of different colors. Then stick pictures of girls on each petal and it will attract the each person who attends the party and once the party is over, just for fun take autographs on their own flower. This will be a great decoration for a girl’s room.


A birthday cake, it is easy to make a flower power cake at home itself. Make around six small size cakes and put different colors of icing on all. Cakes can be bought from a bakery or make it at home only for adding more fun. Take all the six cakes of different colors and combine them for making it a large flower. Put one cake on the center and remaining in the round for making the petals. It is sure to get some beautiful comment from the guests. If needed a simple option, then buy a flower cake with rings on it.

For snacks, bring some cupcakes that are in a miniature pot. It can be got from a garden supply store. Put the cakes in the pot and then frost it for bringing the shape of a flower. Make cookies at home in the shape of a flower and do icing on it with different colors and add some sprinkles for the right touch. For easy options Granola and dried fruits can also be considered. Peach or nectar juice is good in beverages. Buffet of 60’s and 70’s ethnic food like tabouli, curries and falafel can add more advantage to the party. Try a dinner in potluck style and fascinate the guests with their favorite cuisine of 70’s. For napkins use tie-dyed bandanas, fold it and use some rose colored glasses for propping up the name cards of guests.