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Flower Care Guide - The stem cutting

The flowers are required to get their stem cut regularly. Actually what happens is that the nutrients make the pores of the water vessel blocked? So by snipping the butt end of the stem, you once again open the water and nutrient supply of the flower. The water vessels are very necessary for the survival of the flower. It’s the water vessel that carry water and nutrient from the butt end to the flower. All that is required to be done is, give a sharp cut to the stem. The sharp is mentioned strictly because a cut with blunt knife or scissor can block and damage the water vessels. In that case, cutting the butt end would do no benefit as vessels still remain blocked.

While cutting make sure that the cut is made at an angle. The angle here increases the opportunities for the water suction. The size that has to be cut off, is around ¾” to an inch. This much is enough to keep the flower alive.