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Just Because

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Flower design is a popular system of art and craft that has been prevalent since ancient times. In floral design or flower design, one uses the material of flowers and flowering plants to create balanced designs aimed at decorations that give pleasure. The art is an ancient one indeed. Nowadays, the art of flower design has been taken to really advanced levels so that a lot of technique and sophistication is employed in producing the most intricate designs. There are varied styles of flower design, each with their own characteristic features. There are Zebra, Western, Eastern and European styles of flower design which have all gone to influence the prevalent floral design style of today and made it what it is now. All the styles of flower design have their own distinguishing features. The Ikebana style of eastern floral design lays more stress on the use of the arrangement of man, heaven and earth while the European style lays more stress on the use of vibrant colours.

Flowers in celebration of Newborn

For a woman after her kids are born, she hardly has any time of her own. For her birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations all mean the same because she has to toil all the time to make the celebration happen. Just when she is felling low and trying to work through the pile of chores that she is assigned with, her husband or kids give her a flower just to thank her for all the time that she has devoted for the well-being of the family or for all the efforts she took to make their celebrations happen, makes her smile in spite of having tons of work to do.