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The Nuances of Flower Design – A popular art and craft system

The pan melt glue pot is another important accessory to possess. This is basically a pan of a small size which can melt glue at low temperatures.

Besides these there are many other tools that are used in this sophisticated art of floral design. There are glue guns, glue sticks, anchor pins, floral stem tapes, candle cups, floral wires, plastic foam, floral foam, desert foam, oasis foam etc. The tools and the techniques are many and need time and energy to master properly.

Flowers in any Celebration

Nowadays there are several ‘days’ to celebrate. Such days are made even more special by giving a flower to the concerned person. Lately you saw Women’s day being celebrated. Purple flowers are perfect for this day because they symbolize grace, charm and mystery; all the qualities a woman possesses. Later you would celebrate Mother’s day, to shower pamper your mothers with gifts. Pink flowers are perfect for such an occasion, since they symbolize innocence and affection. Father’s day is again special, especially when daughters give flowers as a token of affection to their heroes. Teacher’s day also witnesses students giving flowers to their mentors, mothers and teachers as an ode of respect. Flowers are always present on each and every occasion to make them feel special and bring about an expression of happiness on their faces.