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Thanks Giving

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Different Designs you can see

The varieties in the design of floral arrangement are many and are constantly being innovated or invented. A flower designer is in many ways an artist and it is his creativity that gives shape to the different designs. The different popular designs are basket arrangements, boutonnieres, bud vases, centrepieces, corsages, formal arrangements, dish gardens, garden style arrangements, high end arrangements, sympathy flowers, tussie mussie to name just a few. These designs are not set in stone but rather adaptable to certain factors such as the availability of the required flowers, the money to be spent etc.

Flowers as a Symbol

Flowers symbolize happiness, affection and celebration. Their presence in the surroundings give us a reason to feel rejuvenated, a reason to cling on to hope and a reason to feel elated and happy. Another situation when a flower brings a smile on the face is when someone is upset or angry with you. They are sitting with a feeling of banging your head against the wall and you suddenly pop up a flower in front of their eyes with an apologetic expression; the instant reaction that you might get is a small curve on the lips of that person. One moment earlier the person wanted to bang your head on the wall and the moment you brought a flower to their sight their mood changed! This is the magical effect of a flower on a human mind. Be it anger, sadness or resentment a flower just makes the day erasing out all the negativity from the mind and bringing in a positive and pleasant feeling that lasts for a long time.