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When Wedding Bells Ring

Wedding typifies a marriage ceremony where the bride/groom finds their ultimate soul mate. Nonetheless, it also connotes a religious ceremony with political significance . Every wedding is characterized by their religious and regional boundaries. The word ‘wedding’ consolidates different ideas such as dress, flowers, food, cocktail parties etc.

Big fat Arabian wedding

When striding to the east, pops up the great big fat Arabian wedding. Unlike other nations, UAEns celebrate the wedding sumptuously despite their economic background. The groom is claimed to be the benefactor of this ceremony as he is awarded with huge lumps of ornaments, splendid amount of cash and household items like fridge, television and cars are also enlisted in this. The bride is the center of attraction in the ceremony as she arrives covered in ornaments from head to toe, clothed in rich heavy fabrics.

The importance of flowers in the wedding ceremonies

The wedding flowers

The flowers are the integral parts of the wedding ceremonies of the people belonging to any culture, nationality or religion of the world. Flowers always play a very significant part in the life of any human being. Flowers are used in various applications in the wedding ceremonies. Flower bouquets, baskets and bunches are used as major gifts in the wedding as well as the wedding anniversary ceremonies. The wedding halls and community building are entirely decorated with various types of designing flowers in the wedding ceremonies. The flowers are gorgeously designed for the wedding occasions. Sweetly scented and brightly colored flowers are used for this purpose. These make the ceremony memorable. The flower designing in ceremonies is an important branch of art in UAE.

The style of UAE wedding decoration

UAE is a religiously and culturally divergent nation. There are a large number of religious, customs and cultures in the country. The people of different religious and cultural backgrounds carry out the wedding ceremonies according to their own culture and religion. But in all kinds of wedding flowers are compulsory. The people of UAE decorate the wedding halls in unique style and fashion using the flowers extensively. They elaborately decorate the wedding hall during the ceremony. The bride is also beautifully adorned with different types of flowers and ornaments. Tassels and necklaces are made with flowers in the wedding ceremonies.

The wedding following western culture in UAE

Many people of the nation follow the western culture in the wedding ceremonies. These cultural features include decoration and cutting of wedding cakes, buffet system in the ceremony, etc. The whole ceremony is decorated and designed with different types of flowers. The wedding cakes are huge multi tire cakes which are thoroughly designed with white flowers. The dinner halls of the wedding ceremonies are entirely decorated over the walls. The dining tables and chairs are also decorated with flowers of various colors.

The wedding decoration

The decoration is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Flowers are one of the most essential objects for the wedding decorations. The wedding houses, the bride and the groom are all decorated beautifully with the flowers. The following are some of the uses of flowers in the wedding decoration:

           ·          Decorating with flower bouquets

           ·          Decorating with flower bunches

           ·          Decorating with flower vases

           ·          Flower ornaments

           ·          Flower sheets

           ·          Pinning of flowers on clothes

Thus, the decorative side of the wedding ceremonies is incomplete without the application of the flowers.

The wedding parties

The wedding parties are very important occasion in everyone’s life. The flower decorations play a very vital role in the wedding parties. The different types of flowers which are used in these parties are roses of various colors, tube rose, lilies, sunflowers, dahlia and many more. The decorators design the interior of the wedding party halls with gorgeous and brightly colored flowers. These flower decorations make the wedding occasion memorable and pleasant in the minds of the guests as well as the hosts. Trained decorators design the wedding halls with the flowers.

The florists

People who have to stay far from their home and friends can show their love by gifting online flowers on their wedding occasions. The online flower delivery system has made this possible. People from any part of the world can deliver flowers to UAE by availing this service. There are many such renowned florists in UAE. They contain a group of highly trained and experienced professionals who design the flower bouquets and bunch in the wedding ceremonies. They also help a lot in decorating the wedding halls during the occasion. Thus, they are immensely helpful during the types of the wedding ceremonies.

The procedure

In order to avail the services of the online flower delivery providers, the customer should open the official website of the company. On that web site, he can get every detail of the products offered along with the price tags and discount rates. Convenient discounts are available on selected items and on the bulk purchases. The customer has to select the items and place the online order. The online payment can be done by the credit cards. The detail of the name, address and the contact numbers of the recipient must be correctly entered on the web site. The orders are always punctually delivered to the destinations.

The popularity

The services of the online flower delivery organizations are hugely popular all over UAE. The most beautifully decorated flowers are conveniently delivered to the recipient’s address without any delays. The charges are also very reasonable and easily affordable by every common customer. The shipping charges are free of any cost. Only fresh flowers with sweet scents are delivered by these companies in gorgeous packs.  No extra taxes are imposed on any of the services offered by these florist companies. These are some of the reasons for the immensely popularity of these flower delivery organizations.