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Displaying the flowers

The best practice to display the flowers is to place is at some cool place. The flower vase should be kept at place with temperature 18 to 22 degree Celsius. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight, or some heating vents that could be fatal for the flowers. You also see that you don’t place the flowers directly under fan or top of ration emitting sources like radiators or televisions.

Calla Lilies are the most popular lilies that found in common, yet they are unique flower. It is famous for trumpet shape, waxy and creamy texture. These are traditional white lilies with fragrant, though they come in pink and red also. Ironically calla lilies are not falling under the genus of Lilium.

Orange lilies are known in the name Tiger lilies or Ditch lilies. Orange lilies are distinct famous with spots of tiger-esque generally comes in bright orange color with sweet scent. Very easy to plant so can be grown anywhere and claim it signifies prosperity in cultural myth and is gifted to the most hated people.

Peruvian Lilies are bright, small with delicate petal flower. Apart from all other lilies, Peruvian grows closer to ground that many grow up to a height of 3 feet only. It is comprised of two shades; the petals have entirely some unknown color with small spots.

Easter Lilies the purest and widely recognized among all lilies. Trumpeting petals with fragrant signifies new life and innocence. As the name, they are found in spring season on Easter holidays.

Stargazer Lilies are bold flowers in dramatic colors but very similar to Tiger and Easter lilies in shape and height. One of the popular lilies from the late 1970’s characterized as exotic and beautiful with bright colors of deep pink and reds, outlined in white with dark spots.

Lily of the valley is a bell shaped down facing flowers. Most part is white and comes in best in shades. It is a common flower in any garden due to easy planting and most popularly seen in Indian wedding.