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The art of flower designing is as old as the culture of sending flowers. No doubt flowers are very beautiful and adorable, but still the beauty of the flowers can be enhanced to much of a higher level through the proper designing and arrangement of flowers. By flower designing, it is simply meant the art of presenting flowers arranged together in a more decent and eye catchy way. The designing could comprise of anything like arranging the flowers in a round basket, or making it in bud vases.

‘Lilies’ The Genus Of All Flowers

Lily is an herbaceous plant that grows from a bulb, a flowering plant that can be gracefully added to any home garden. They are grown outdoor or indoor; their unusual color with spots will add a vibration effect to the surroundings. There are about 110 species in the whole lily family. They have more value in terms of prize as well as their role in literature and culture.

Colors and it symbolizes

Lilies have a long history in association with the color and symbolizes. In ancient times lilies were figured as a flower, directly came from Hera milk, the Queen of Greek Gods. The color and role in the symbolism are different in meaning from Catholic tradition. Lily in white color symbolizes virtue and chastity. It is a symbol of purity associated with Mother Virgin Mary, the queen of heaven. The other color came later and afterwards became popular and added some meaning and symbolizes to them also. Alstroemeria lilies stand for devotion and friendship, stargazer white lily stands for sympathy while pink symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Further the lilies of the Valley are symbolized for devotion and humility and regarded as a good gift for 2nd wedding anniversary. Orange Lilly stands for passion and yellow for gaiety.