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Flowers By Design

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The art is well presented by the professional florists, who very beautifully create wondering bouquets. With the same flowers that earlier look nothing but colored petals, when arranged together in a bouquet or vase with proper flower designing, they create such a soothing view for our eyes. The professional does his job with very skilled hands and creative eye. He understands how to make the bouquet or vase an attractive piece in all, rather than simply stuffing the flowers. Even with light or some dull colored flowers, the florist can bring out the aesthetic love from it.

Equipment that designer needs

The first thing an enterprising flower designer needs are the tools of the trade, the basic equipment that makes this practice possible. There is a list of tools for this purpose as listed below.

Waterproof tape is one of the basic tools needed for flower design. This is because it has the capability to keep the foam in its proper place. It is rather a universal way of doing so. The tape itself is available chiefly in two colours, green and white. Once stuck, it is not affected by exposure to moisture. The adhesive in turn works on a wide range of surfaces.

Waterproof clay is the next important tool for an aspiring flower designer. This is used for the proper placement of decorative items such as figurines or candles. It can be used for sticking dry surfaces together as well since it works well that way too. Besides not being affected by water it is also quite indifferent to heat. The only concern is that the surface is dry enough and has no grains of dust on it so that the clay works well.