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These beautiful light colored flowers are sometimes associated with Mother Mary. . According to Christian, after Jesus’s death, the pink carnation grew where the tearsof mother Mary fell on the ground. Just see the beautiful bond between a child and the mother that this Christian story depicts. The story is enough to make carnations a mother’s day flower choice.


Chinese take orchids as the symbol for many kids. The orchids are the significance of beauty and refinement. One thing could be easily said about orchids is that every mother would be filled with emotion on receiving an orchid bouquet from her child.

Symbolism of red roses

Red is a commonly given flower that signifies love, romance and passion. If you want to say to someone “I Love You”, gift her red roses. The flower shows that you care the other person a lot. The deep red color of rose expresses the deepest kind of love you have for your partner. Fully bloomed red roses signify “I still love you”. You should also be aware about the number of roses that you should gift others. A single red rose signifies, “Love at first sight”. If you present a bunch of 12 red roses, then it signifies “to be mine”. If you gift 9 red roses to your partner, then it means “Remain together forever”. So, if you are dating someone and want to signify message to your partner, choose the appropriate number of red roses.