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Things that could be done to enhance the bouquet

With a bit of your common sense, you can make flowers most impressible gift ever for your mother. You should take your mom’s birthday into consideration and then choose the most suitable flower for her. Know your mom’s favorite color and then put flowers on those colors before her, the brightness and shine in her eye will bring tears in your eyes, it will be that heart touching moment. Remember bouquet isn’t the end of way of gifting flowers, you can try sending blooming plants. The tiny rose plants could be wonderful to transplant outdoors in sunlight.

Mello Yellow

Yellow is the colour that is normally used to express friendship and joy. Have a friend who’s in the hospital or someone who needs a little cheering up? More often than not, the yellow flowers are also used as “get well soon,” flowers. So why not send a few to cheer up that drab mood and sickly feeling?

Yellow is scientifically believed to relieve depression and energize the brain, providing a similar function as the sun. Hence, sunflowers are the most commonly used yellow flowers, as well as yellow roses. Chrysanthemums and daffodils are also options, but tend to have a romantic over tone to the message of “long and eternal life.”