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The meaning with the violet flowers is the devotion and faithfulness. The violet flowers when send as a gift on mother’s day will keep your appreciation of her love and care live in her mind for a very long time. The majestic and exotic appearance of orchids signifies beauty, love and refinement. The sunflowers show the respect that you have for your mother, and the daises represent the joyful character.

The favorite flower for mother’s day, carnation has got a multiple meaning. The white red carnation represents the admiration, with pink carnations representing love and gratitude. The white carnation flowers are to be worn for the remembrance of your lovely mother who is no longer in this mortal world.

Carnation, standing for distinction, fascination and love is the birth flower for January. Different colors meant different feelings, like the pink carnation is for the promise that I’ll never forget you. The red carnation speaks out how much your heart aches for him/her. The striped carnation expressed the desire of being with him/her while yellow carnation was for disappointment.

Flowers in Adolescence

Happiness as a kid is getting a chocolate on your birthday, happiness as an adolescent is getting good gifts from your friends, and happiness as an adult is simply getting a flower on your birthday. Different people with different expectations have different definitions of happiness. As kids we always perceived flowers to be fragrant and vibrant, even a small bougainvillea alongside the street would make us smile. Happiness in adolescence would be brought in by a rose given by a loved one, because in that age the predominant feeling or emotion in the mind is love. In the old age specific flowers no longer matter, happiness is brought in by any flower presented with affection. The face or size of a flower doesn’t matter, because even a cowslip can make a person happy. Flowers not only make a person happy but add a glint of positivity to the surroundings, which makes anybody stepping in cheerful.